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Our story

Our Story

One of the most common questions we’re asked,
“what is Ellemsee and how do you say it?”
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/el 'em sē/

Ellemsee is our Co-Founder and Professional Cookie Eater's initials phonetically spelled out — L M C. When we founded the business, she was the wearer of all design and photography hats, hence her initials made the cut for the foundation of our awesome ideas. Noah and Lauryn instantly connected when Lauryn was attending the world’s largest fashion tradeshow, Magic Market Week, peddling her jewelry brand as a vendor. Combining their strengths as individuals, they were able to build The Pi Collection to a worldwide following and together, successfully start Ellemsee Media.

This duo partners not only on business and non-profit (board of directors for CreativeMornings Honolulu and Nurdley Good) level but also in matrimony — yes, they’re hitched.

With over 14 years of digital marketing experience and print media journalism and styling, our strength lies within the passion we bring to the table to build you a better digital presence.

Since then, we’ve expanded; working with a diverse and talented group of creative professionals in downtown Honolulu.

Meet the Team

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Our Strategy

As a digital marketing agency, we take the “marketing” very seriously.

Nothing is cookie-cutter and everything is tailored to our clients' needs and expectations. We are inspired by you. Your awesome is blended with our awesome — and with our powers combined; insert Captain Planet. JK. We strive to take your stellar ideas and build them into an unforgettable campaign. What’s considered an add-on service for most agencies is a basic inclusion for our clients. We take your requirements and intentions for your business vision and incorporate them into a personalized brand guide to begin any project. This becomes the first step into our epic, creative journey to tell your story in the best way possible.

Our Work