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You’re missing out by not having a website

Every successful business with a household name has two things in common — a website and brand identity. In this blog, we will cover “Why?” and “How?” a website provides credibility. We touched into brand identity in this post here.


According to a survey by Yelp, 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. Based on their research, this number increases every year. I don’t know about you, but I would take 85% odds over 15% any day! Every business out there, old or new, big or small, should have a website if they want to appear legit. Ask yourself these questions, “How many times have I gone online to look at a restaurant’s menu before deciding to eat there?” and “Have I called a business to check if they carry an item I’m looking for?”. More than likely you’ve done both. Now, how did you find the phone number for the business you were calling? I bet you had to visit their website, huh? No one uses the yellow pages anymore. There’s a chance you might be saying “I Googled it.” Google is also a business with a website that you just used. Why did you use Google to find out the information you needed? Answer: You put trust in Google because they have credibility and success. *Mic drop*


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*Oops. Picks the mic back up. Not finished yet.* So, how can I gain more credibility while driving traffic to my business? Where do I start?

First step, get a website. DUH! Having a website is very good. But, having a functional, modern, unique, and visually pleasing website would be awesome! Having someone else do it all for you? Even better!

Another great avenue for biz boosting is social media. Let’s face it, people are followers. That’s why review based social networks like TripAdvisor and Yelp are so successful at driving business revenue. These will grant added credibility being directly linked to your fancy new site, along with the obvious Instagram and Facebook. I know spending money on a website may not seem like it’s in your budget. Well, that’s a common mistake made by many business owners. Think of a website as another location for your business that can be accessed from anywhere on the planet 24/7. That means you can go global for a small fraction of the cost to open another location. Sure, there are companies out there with DIY websites, but you are stuck with a template that thousands of other business owners are already using. Plus sometimes it’s better to stick to what you’re good at. Shoes aren’t cheap, but I wouldn’t stop going to shoe stores, buy leather, nylon, and rubber to make my own shoes just because those materials are out there. Whatever the outcome, I may save money but I most likely won’t happy — let’s be honest, we’re not going into the shoe manufacturing business anytime soon. If you invest in your business online with the right company, then it’s a no brainer.


Me still trying to make my own shoes in 30 years...

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Noah Gordines

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