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7th Floor Bar and Kitchen
7th Floor Bar and Kitchen

7th Floor Bar and Kitchen

The Project

The 7th Floor Bar and Kitchen is a cocktail bar that offers food, drinks, and live music. They encompass the ‘pau hana’ ideals after a workout, spa or a long day and is a perfect spot to hit for happy hour before seeing a show at the Blaisdell or hitting the theatre. Since The 7th Floor Bar and Kitchen is located within the Honolulu Club, they wanted an identity to set them apart and to give them their own voice.

Our Approach

Our team wanted to give The 7th Floor Bar and Kitchen its own voice and separate it from the rest of the Honolulu Club. We decided to take a graphic approach and illustrate a drinks condensation ring when you set it down. It shows that one of the main focuses of the 7th Floor Bar and Kitchen is their refreshing drinks while using an abstract symbol instead of an obvious one. The style of the mark introduced an illustrative theme that is incorporated in print collateral such as ads, posters, and business cards.

7th Floor Bar and Kitchen
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The 7th Floor branding inspired all illustrations used for performing artists and for the website. Each artist has their own unique poster in this illustrative style, so 7th Floor patrons know who's performing.

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It’s always nice to work on a project so close to home. This opportunity was special for us since we can visit The 7th Floor Bar and Kitchen any day. It was awesome to see the unique style we chose for the mark influence the rest of this project in such a great way.


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