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The Project

AIGA is the American Institute of Graphic Arts nonprofit organization that aims to be the standard-bearer for all forms of professional communication design. The organization hosts over 22,000 members across the United States and designHub is one of their community resources that connects these like-minded individuals through an online directory. AIGA asked Ellemsee Media to design and bring to life a designHub website and print collateral that reflected their brand identity.

Our Approach

The goal was to create a functional website that made it easy to connect creative professionals and a clean and stylish logo that went with it. We also wanted the ads we designed to attract the creative community and gain traffic on the new site.

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Graphic Design

Web Design

The designHub logo is graphic, bold, and simple; exactly what an organization for designers should look like. These abstracted letterforms were used across their collateral, including print and web ads.

Web Homepage


When it comes to being a part of the creative community, a directory full essentials is super helpful. It’s great to be able to find all of that information in one place. The design of this website had to be straightforward and intuitive, which fortunately we have plenty of experience in. Introducing fresh colors and a simple grid pushed this website to become a valuable asset to look for creative professionals in Hawaii.


Our Work