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Axis Management
Axis Management

Axis Management

The Project

Axis Management is a licensed real estate brokerage in the state of Hawaii. They are a small, but full-service property management and real estate partner. Axis Management asked Ellemsee Media to create a brand identity that was inspired by modern luxury with the implication of on-trend style.

Our Approach

The identity system for Axis Management was inspired by the clean lines of a modern building. We abstracted this idea and turned it into a modern and elegant monogram that can be used across all platforms. The website that was made for Axis Management embodies that same unique style of modern luxury while making its usability a no brainer for potential clientele.

Axis Management
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Graphic Design

Web Design

The primary identity is paired with a version where just the graphic is used, in case the type is too small to be read. We drew a lot of inspiration from the sophisticated nature of the properties he sells.

Web Homepage


Real estate projects are a favorite for our team because each company is so different. Whether its luxury, commercial, or suburban, we know how to make the look and feel of the branding match the values of the company.


Our Work