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Bali Boo
Bali Boo

Bali Boo

The Project

Bali Boo is a hand-selected furniture store located on the outskirts of Kailua, in Kapa’a Industrial Park. Bali Boo focuses on how visually interesting the pieces in your home can stimulate your lifestyle and creativity. Originality, hand-craftsmanship, and reclamation are the focal points of what Bali Boo wants to highlight. They asked us to create a brand identity that really shows who they are as a brand.

Our Approach

For this identity system, our team wanted to combine the fun-loving spirit of Bali with the idea of eclectic and well-made furniture. Bali Boo’s custom wordmark is designed with organic wood lines, framed by a recognizable “B”. Combining this mark with the playful colors of Bali’s natural wonders, the identity for Bali Boo has since been used on their truck wrap, print collateral, and website.

Bali Boo
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Graphic Design

Web Design


The branding for Bali Boo and the sister company, Koa Room uses the organic shapes of wood to highlight the pieces. It can be seen throughout all of their collateral, forming a cohesive brand voice.

Web Homepage


Bali Boo had the unique idea of bringing hand-selected pieces overseas to share them with the world. After seeing this curated collection of furniture, we knew the branding had to be reminiscent of Bali and the fine wood the pieces were made from. It was a great experience to research and look for inspiration in such a beautiful country.


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