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Beckwith Hillside
Beckwith Hillside

Beckwith Hillside

The Project

Beckwith Hillside is a family-owned senior care facility located in Manoa. Their Holistic Care Philosophy is built on three pillars; Mind, Body, and Spirit. The goal was to highlight these principles throughout the project.

Our Approach

We wanted our ads for Beckwith Hillside to really give the viewer a sense of community and Ohana. We filmed a video and designed ads to go along with it, showing the quality of care that Beckwith Hillside provides, and the light-hearted spirit that the residents feel living there.

Beckwith Hillside
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The content for Beckwith Hillside was all color graded to give the imagery a peaceful and soft quality. We wanted to show the day to day activities the residents participate in and highlight how well the caretakers oversee everything.

Beckwith Hillside Advertisement

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Senior health is important to the community as well as very near and dear to our hearts. Creating something for a company with such a delicate topic is a special process. Beckwith Hillside’s clear mission and philosophy made it easy to build something on brand, easy to use and inspired.


Our Work