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Chaney Brooks
Chaney Brooks

Chaney Brooks

The Project

Chaney Brooks is one of the oldest commercial real estate organizations in Hawaii. Founded in 1960, they are an industry leader, serving the entire United States as well as the Pacific Rim through their Hawaii and Guam offices. They needed photography and videography that paired with their brand image, as well as communicated the scope of their work.

Our Approach

When approaching the videography, we used clean, no-nonsense editing paired with short videos to showcase each property. The style of photography matched to give interested clientele an overarching view of each property.

Chaney Brooks
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When shooting these videos it was important to have a wide range of shots to completely highlight all aspects of the buildings. We shot a lot of content from above, as well as from the ground, inside, and around the properties.

Chaney Brooks Commercial Real Estate Video

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When working on videography and photography for a client, it’s imperative the work reflects the overall brand image. Since this client has been an expert in their industry for 50+ years, we had a lot to work with. A straightforward and tasteful approach never fails in delivering effective collateral.


Our Work