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Kiawe Roots
Kiawe Roots

Kiawe Roots

The Project

Kiawe Roots is a modern island eatery that combines local Hawaiian and Texas barbeque food. This laid-back eatery located in Kauai fuses the days of an ‘ohana’ and friend’s cookout with a modern flair to create a cultural and culinary experience. Kiawe Roots required a brand identity that would combine these two styles of a laid-back yet refined culinary experience.

Our Approach

Kiawe in Hawaiian translates to mesquite, which is an important part of Hawaiian cooking. We included this tree into the branding by illustrating it with leaves shaped as flames. The leaves within the logo represent a flame related to the constant passion and drive that Kiawe Roots upholds. This identity was used across all menus, ads, and their website.

Kiawe Roots
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Graphic Design

Web Design


The Kiawe roots identity has 2 parts; the tree and fork graphic, and the complimentary flame. Since the term ‘kiawe’ or ‘mesquite’ is such a big part of the experience we also integrated a wood pattern into the print collateral and website.

Web Homepage


One of our favorite things to do as a team is going out to eat. Keeping that in mind when creating this project, we wanted to incorporate everything that we love about a restaurant. From the logo to the menu to the business cards, we felt it was extremely important to keep in mind the history and message of ‘ohana’ that Kiawe Roots presents to their customers.


Our Work