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Kikue Restaurant
Kikue Restaurant

Kikue Restaurant

The Project

Kikue Restaurant is a blend between upscale izakaya and traditional Japanese cuisine. With more luxurious ingredients incorporated into their dishes like uni, truffle, and foie gras, Kikue presents a flair for the modern palette. They wanted a website to showcase their amazing eats, with expert photography that would attract new customers.

Our Approach

Drawing inspiration from their existing logo, Ellemsee Media designed Kikue Restaurant’s website to create a platform showcasing their epicurean menu setting them apart from other restaurants.

Kikue Restaurant
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Web Design




Getting up close and personal with the process of noodle making made this project special. Kikue’s menu of fresh and delicious plates made it easy to capture the essence of the restaurant through photo, video, and design.

Introducing Kikue Campaign

Web Homepage


When we work on projects where the branding is already established without our help, the best way to make a design that inspires is to heavily finesse the details. Artful photography paired with a solid layout made this website a unique and welcoming view of the brand. Not to mention any project that has to do with food, for us is a win-win.


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