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The Project

Moke’s Bread and Breakfast is a humble restaurant that provides delicious home-cooked meals with a ‘local’ twist. The restaurant is known for passing down recipes within the family for four generations and continues to serve an intimate and relaxed environment. Moke’s needed a refreshed look that would reflect these ideals for their future locations.

Our Approach

Considering the existing logo and the presence it had on its life-long customers, the Ellemsee Media team wanted to apply the existing visual language by creating a logotype that has the same friendly and approachable feel. The distinguishing elements of Moke’s existing logotype were necessary to allow customers to associate with it. This language was then carried through different mediums such as t-shirts, a website, advertising, and print collateral.

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Web Design




Moke’s is a family eatery, and we wanted the collateral to express that. Bright colors are used across the board, as well as illustrations of their most popular product; pancakes!

Weekday Wakeup Campaign

Web Homepage


This project was especially fun because as a team we love to visit Moke’s have breakfast. We wanted to maintain the original voice Moke's has developed for years, whole giving them a more contemporary look they are proud of.


Our Work