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Pacific Basin Development Council (PBDC) is a regional non-profit organization that advances economic and social development in the Pacific Islands. PBDC focuses on related issues in Guam, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), and Hawaii. They wanted a strong brand identity that could be used across all platforms.

Our Approach

The goal of the branding for PBDC was to create something simple and easy to recognize that reflected their message. We took inspiration from the idea of water due to all of their territories being islands, and created a gradient wave symbol. The mark has 4 parts which signify how many territories they operate across. This identity has been used throughout all projects we’ve designed for PBDC, including their website, business cards, letterheads, and newsletters.

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Graphic Design

Web Design

The identity for PBDC can be used with solely the gradient wave graphic, and with the accompanying PBDC name. The text combines a transitional serif and a sans serif font, both delicate yet legible.

Web Homepage


It was awesome to work with an organization that has such a long history of working with and improving the community. We always find it is much easier to be inspired by projects when the client has a clear mission behind what they do. Since PBDC works with four territories all across the Pacific Rim, the trick was to find a symbol that relates to all of them in a meaningful way. The ocean is the bridge between the islands of the Pacific Rim, making it the perfect inspiration for their branding.


Our Work