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The Project

Pi is a stylish, approachable, and well-made jewelry company with a minimalist style melded with expert craftsmanship. Pi needed a refreshed visual identity that would give the brand a new look, while keeping the Pi name intact.

Our Approach

For the Pi branding, the key themes we wanted to hit were trendy, feminine, and unique. We went with a typographic mark that uses simple shapes to make something recognizable and stylish. After making this custom typographic mark, we went a step further and made an entire typeface, which The Pi Collection uses across their website and print work.

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Graphic Design

Web Design




Product Design

After designing Pi’s unique typeface, we abstracted the shapes and made them into a pattern that was used for stickers, packaging, and everything in between.

Pi is for Everyone Campaign

Web Homepage


During this project, we spent quite some time thinking about how to keep the Pi name intact, while introducing a new refreshed look. This project was fun and challenging due to the amount of collateral and designs needed for a jewelry company. Together, the entire project flows from one piece to another cohesively.


Our Work