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Sleep Times Over
Sleep Times Over

Sleep Times Over

The Project

Sleep Times Over is a live bi-weekly podcast hosted and founded by Aaron Sakai. Aaron’s podcast covers local culture, giving a unique insight into living on Oahu. He also delves into his many interests which include sports, food, and hip hop. Sleep Times Over needed coverage of their events, as well as a fresh website to make their content easier to find.

Our Approach

When designing the website for Sleep Times Over, we were inspired by the setting the podcast is filmed at, as well as Aaron’s hosting style. STO is a small event recorded in an intimate and stylish cocktail lounge called The Hibrau Room. Using deeper tones and focusing on well thought out imagery, we achieved a modern and sophisticated site that focuses on Aarons content in a way that aligns with the unique voice of his podcast.

Sleep Times Over
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Graphic Design

Web Design

The distinct casual and intriguing setting of Sleep Times Over paved the way for the stylistic approach of our design. We appreciate how much time it takes to decide on guests, prepare for interviews, and look into topics. We took the same attention to detail when it came to photography and design.

Web Homepage


Since Aaron’s podcast focuses on a variety of different topics, the best part was choosing which to draw inspiration from when designing. When shooting his events, we had the opportunity to listen live and gain insight into what style we should focus on. Aaron’s unique voice helped turn this project into something special.


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